Bell drops a clanger that is still being picked up

In response to Graeme Bell’s letter (DW 14 August), I can only imagine that he had just been seriously let down by a local Audi garage.

Over the past five years the TT has been an example of design excellence and for this reason alone it has been copied by other manufacturers. On reviewing the model, the only thing Audi could change in the soon-to-be-released new model is the engine. However, I’m not a fan of the back spoiler, it ruins the clean lines of the car.

Seymour Powell’s Richard Seymour and ex-F1 driver Damon Hill both drive TTs by choice. They think they are great cars and feel they make very strong personal statements regarding the design and style of a car.

I’d be interested in what car Bell thinks is worthy of high praise from the design industry and why.

Ian Silverstein

Managing director

Creative Action Design

St Albans AL1 1ER

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