From Bristol to London, cities need to declutter

I completely agree with your piece (Comment, DW 21 August) that UK cities (and towns) need to improve the quality of their pedestrian environments, wayfinding/ signage and public transport systems.

A trip to the continent a short while ago reminded me of how much better other countries are at doing this than we are.

And certainly, where we are – in Bristol – needs to pay attention to this. There is still too much visual clutter and a ‘free for all’ which quite often distracts from any planned and considered design elements [such as Meta Design’s signage for Bristol’s Legible City initiative].

At a recent seminar held by the West of England Design

Forum, where Dick Powell was the guest speaker, I asked him if he felt that design had a role to play in improving public spaces and the general quality of life in UK cities and towns. When asked if he had ever done any work in this area of design he said he hadn’t, but would be interested if the opportunity arose.

So, perhaps he’s your London man – maybe you should suggest he gets in touch with Boris Johnson.

Trevor James, Creative director, The Drawing Room, Bristol BS1 4PB

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