I consider myself a pretty lucky person. I’ve worked for – and with – some very talented and inspirational people from various design disciplines. And those experiences have had a big influence on the way I work.

I made my living as a freelance and when doing the rounds, it proved to me the importance of working as a team. Anyone on the freelance circuit knows that feeling of isolation you get, and it was something I could never get used to. I love the process of coming up with ideas, but particularly with other people who have different perspectives to me. The result is always better.

Since moving back up North last year, I’ve also been genuinely impressed by the new breed of designers. Their range of skills and the maturity of their thinking is great to work with. Edit, animate, illustrate, draw – they can do the lot. And if they don’t know how to do something, it takes them five minutes to work it out, with amazing results. Graphic design is just one of their skills.

If I can’t find any of these people to work with, books are always a good source of inspiration – I prefer them to trawling through design blogs. I like searching for books other designers might not have, usually in charity shops. I have selected a few of my favourites for your consideration.

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