Amazon’s new store concept lets customers “just walk out”

Customers will be charged automatically for the items they pick up when leaving the store, using the same technologies found in self-driving cars.


Update 22 January 2017: After being trialled on Amazon employees for the last year, the retailer has now opened its Amazon Go store concept in Seattle to the general public.

Amazon has revealed plans for a convenience store where customers don’t have to check-out and are charged automatically via an app instead.

Amazon Go’s “just walk out” technology – similar to that seen in self-driving cars – uses computer vision, sensor fusion and deep learning algorithms in order to automatically detect when products are taken from or returned to the shelves.

The app user’s items are then kept track of in a virtual basket, and after leaving the store they are charged automatically to their Amazon account.

Fresh food and branded items

The first Amazon Go store is expected to open in Seattle in the US in early 2017.

The 167m² space will sell fresh food, made on site by chefs or local kitchens, alongside branded food and cupboard essentials.

Amazon has not yet confirmed if the store concept will roll out further.

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