Dyson launches vacuum cleaner which “never loses suction”

Dyson has unveiled the Cinetic Big Ball, its first vacuum cleaner without a filter, which the company claims “never loses suction.”

Cinetic Big Ball

The suction system has been redesigned with “flexible tips” that oscillate to prevent the dust from clogging-up, removing the need for a filtering system.

James Dyson says the new cleaner “ensures the cyclones do not block as microscopic dust is spun out of the air.” Kinetic cyclones are a staple of Dyson’s vacuum cleaners as they break down smaller dust particles, though the smaller the cyclone the more likely it is to block the system.

Cinetic Big Ball

Dyson’s engineers spent six years developing the Cinetic technology, while putting “10 years’ worth of dust” through the prototypes. They claim testing standards associations found “no loss of suction” after rigorous tests.

A spokesperson from Dyson says, “this is our first upright vacuum cleaner that uses kinetic science. The core benefit is the kinetic cyclones, and the cyclones are now so efficient that there is no need for a filter.”

Cinetic Big Ball

The Cinetic Big Ball uses a strong ball to steer the system and to avoid snagging on carpets, as well as an adaptable cleaner plate that stays close to varied floor types and avoids losing suction. The cleaner also employs a trigger-bin emptying system, so waste is emptied straight into the bin.

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