Senior JKR duo leave to form new consultancy

Silas Amos and Daniela Nunzi-Mihranian, formerly strategy director and creative director at JKR, have left to set up new consultancy Studio Minerva.

Silas and Daniela

Source: Kuba Wieczorek

Amos was a founding employee at JKR and had worked at the consultancy for 24 years. Nunzi-Mihranian had been creative director at JKR for five years, following roles at Interbrand, Design Bridge and Lewis Moberly.

At JKR, Sean Thomas has now been promoted from design director to creative director, while Lee Rolston, a former senior marketing executive at Heinz, Muller and Cadbury, joins as strategy director.

Amos says he and Nunzi-Mihranian decided to set up on their own because “we want to take all the experience and love we both share for brand design and see what we can do under our own steam”.

He adds: “It feels like the design industry is enjoying a moment of real change, both in technology and culturally, bringing real creative opportunities. We want to be a part of this.”

Amos adds that the biggest change he has seen during his time in the design industry has been “a sense of a shift from ideas-driven work to technology-driven executions,” adding: “We think we are seeing a return to value placed in the idea, but now enabled by more agile production opportunities and suchlike.”

Studio Minerva’s initial clients include start-up company Eve Mattress, which is co-founded by Kuba Wieczorek, who was part of the team that created the award-winning Paralympics campaign.

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