What do you resolve to do differently in 2015?

This month is rife with New Year resolutions. We ask designers what they would do differently in 2015.

Jenny Theolin

“The answer’s simple: everything. This time of year is ideal for analysing what has been done before, in both personal and other people’s work, and in both design and its process. In order to not get stuck in a rut, or become boring or predictable, I plan to approach it all differently this year. Because, as Einstein eloquently puts it, we may go insane by doing the same things over and over again expecting different results.”

Jenny Theolin, director, Soapbox & Sons

Stuart Radford

“Most New Year resolutions are about reducing some of life’s excesses. I want to do the opposite – I don’t want to quit anything so this year I resolve to do more! I want to see more, read more, experience more: I want to discover more things and feed my brain with new stuff to help create more unexpected work. As the saying goes, ‘the more you put in, the more you get out’. So here’s to 2015, a year of excess!” 

Stuart Radford, creative director, The Partners

Sam Withers

“To get out more! It’s almost too easy nowadays to click through the web for inspiration when we are feeling in a bit of a design rut but in my opinion nothing beats seeing something in situ. You can explore its 3D form, see how it relates to its surroundings and watch how people interact with it. Taking lessons from the world around us can inspire designs that would never have been conceived in the bubble of the office.”

Sam Withers, project designer, Mather & Co

Dan Moore

“I’m going to do something I still find a bit uncomfortable, and that is use my Kindle on the go rather than books. I’m currently working out whether that means I need to buy two versions of everything (to keep the bookshelf respectable), but it’s my pragmatic approach for getting back into the reading habit for the New Year. I’m going to couple that with making sure I have two reading lists on the go – engaging fiction and creative and business-based reference. Wish me luck!”

Dan Moore, group creative director, Studio Output

Alasdair Lennox

“2014 was the year of being more agile and innovative, and to omni-channel everything. Our design industry was in overdrive, indulging in an over-complex lexicon. In 2015, I aim to re-focus on designing compelling and uncomplicated experiences. With digital now integrated into everything we do, there’s an increasing risk of bold design getting lost in tech. 2015 will bring the focus back to the consumer and keep it simple – humans designing for humans.”

Alasdair Lennox, executive creative director, FITCH

Paul Taylor

“‘If you’re lucky enough to do well, it’s your responsibility to send the elevator back down’ (Kevin Spacey). It’s not a new quote, but this sentiment echoes our responsibility of giving the next generation of designers a leg up. On that note, one of my ambitions in 2015 is to develop the BrandOpus graduate recruitment scheme, which has already proven successful in unearthing fresh and promising talent for the team. After all, this not only helps budding creatives get into the industry, but also raises the profile of brand packaging design among the cream of the graduating crop.”

Paul Taylor, executive creative director, BrandOpus

Violetta Boxill

“To say ‘yes’ and ‘no’ quicker. I spend too much time exploring if a “yes” could have the potential to be a “no”, and why a “no” should be given the opportunity to be a “yes”. I rarely waiver from my original thought so I no longer see the need to have this internal debate. Or do I…?”

Violetta Boxill, creative director, Alexander Boxil


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