Made You Look – The UK’s graphic arts scene on film

Made You Look – a documentary about the UK’s graphic arts scene – features interviews with the likes of Kate Moross, Fred Deakin and Anthony Burrill and is screening around the UK.

After premiering at the Pick Me Up festival earlier this year, Anthony Peters’s Made You Look documentary about the UK graphic arts scene is getting a wider release.

The film aims to showcase what Peters refers to as a “boom” in the UK graphic arts and illustration world over the past 15 years, with a particular focus on designers with a DIY ethos.

The film features insights and interviews from the likes of Fred Deakin, Kate Moross, Anthony Burrill and Hattie Stewart.

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Director Anthony Peters is a designer and illustrator who has worked for the likes of Modern Toss and Burberry.

He says: “Back in 2013 I was interviewed by Print Club London for a little film they were doing about their Film 4 Summer Screen exhibition at Somerset House. I answered questions about my artwork, my process and opinions on the modern creative landscape.

“When I left their Dalston studios it dawned on me that there was very little representation of the UK graphic arts scene committed to film, especially in long form documentary format.”

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Peters adds: “There was a definite story to be told, and one that would allow for pure visual indulgence in recording the processes of artists from many disciplines.”

The film also focuses on the tension between the analogue and digital world in the creative industries, says Peters.

He says: “People in the modern age feel overwhelmed and bombarded with information 24 hours a day… So many creative people are turning to mediums that take them away from their computers. Methods of making work that involve making real, tactile items to be cherished and kept, instead of being consumed and forgotten.

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“However, very few creatives could have an audience or career without the trappings of the internet and social media, and this tension between the analogue and digital world is the story we are pursuing in Made You Look.”

Made You Look is currently being screened across the UK and will be available on Vimeo on Demand from 2 November. For screening details visit:

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