TiVo’s unusual set-top box – “If you want to be noticed you have to look different”

TiVo says of the new-look product: “Design is a difficult thing and can be polarising.”

BOLT_Right Front_Wide Angle

US company TiVo has launched the latest in its range of digital video recorders, saying that the unusual design for the set-top box is part of a bid to “look different”.

The new TiVo Bolt box features an angular form which the company says aims to “make a statement while reducing complexity”.

A statement from TiVo says: “With its new design, colour and feel, this product transcends the conventional streaming device or set-top box.”

Want to be noticed

TiVo users, writing on the brand’s community forum, have described the new product as “certainly unique” and “a hard left-turn from previous models”.

TiVo’s chief marketing officer Ira Bahr took to the forum to talk to users about the new launch.

He says: “If TiVo wants to be noticed (and we do) my view is that we have to look different. Fact is if you were to stack all 10 or so TiVo models and stand back a bit you would have a hard time seeing any difference.”

“Design is a difficult thing and can be polarising”

Bahr adds: “We thought it was about time to begin exploring more than just a front bezel treatment on a square metal chassis.

“Design is a difficult thing and can be polarising. Hopefully our [soon-to-be-released] Pro version will appeal to those who don’t love Salvador Dali.”

TiVo has not confirmed who designed the new box. The company reportedly made most of its internal industrial design team redundant last year.

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