Supple Studio gives D.R.A.W interlocking “D” identity

A newly formed arts recruitment company has been given an abstract D, which is formed of two parts and emphasises “The Art of the Perfect Fit”.


Supple Studio has designed an identity system for D.R.A.W Recruitment using an interlocking “D’ device and the strapline “The Art of the Perfect Fit”.

The new company was formed from the merger of Drummond Read Recruitment and Art//Work and specialises in sourcing talent from the fine arts, antiques and luxury markets.

Supple creative director Jamie Ellul, who was invited to tender, says: “The client had already spotted that their existing company names formed the acronym D.R.A.W; it felt like a gift of a name with a genuine back story.

“But we wanted to avoid the obvious solution of drawing things or sketching, so we took the angle of people being ‘drawn together’ which led to ‘the perfect fit’.”

An interlocking D monogram was also created and Ellul says he “worked with the client to choose a range of materials that got across D.R.A.W.’s diverse client base and candidates – from classic to contemporary.”

The main points of interaction for service users are the website and jobs board. Ellul, who also worked on these, says: “We’ve kept the design very classic – using black and white throughout, with the only ping of colour being the monogram logos.

We were conscious of the fact it’s a very discerning audience, so a neutral classic approach seemed to make sense. The typeface we’ve used is Value by Colophon, which lends a little quirkiness to the design, but still feels in keeping with the classic feel.”


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