Enterprise IG wins Ericsson job

Enterprise IG is working on an internal brand strategy review for Swedish telecoms giant Ericsson, the results of which will be launched at the beginning of May.

Ericsson appears to have done a U-turn on its planned corporate identity review.

Brand director Bill Gajda denies that any change to the name or branding is planned or being considered. This contradicts Ericsson director of communications Roland Klein, who told Design Week that it was embarking on a complete identity overhaul last month. “We plan to look at the whole identity,” he said. (DW 16 March).

However, Gajda maintains that Klein was talking about how to make financial communications more effective and more reflective of the brand.

“The Ericsson name or identity will not be changed,” Gajda now maintains.

Enterprise IG’s work will not affect Ericsson’s marketing communications. Gajda confirms that the consultancy, which was appointed in January, is looking at how to “bring the company’s brand strategy to life”.

“This is about fine-tuning the strategy review that The Added Value Group did three or four years ago and how we can communicate our brand strategy internally,” he says.

“We need to look at how we can communicate our brand effectively to our 100 000 employees in 140 countries.

“There are a number of informal and formal methods we can use to communicate our brand, including face-to-face meetings, employee newsletters and use of electronic communication tools,” Gajda adds.

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