New Covent Garden to soup up identity

New Covent Garden Soup Company is currently talking to design groups about a review of its product packaging and brand identity.

Details of the project are scant. While a spokeswoman says that the company is “going through a rebranding process at the moment”, marketing director Kate Raison plays down the suggestion of wholesale changes.

“Research that we do into the brand always comes out favourably, so any changes made will be minor tweaks,” she says.

“Some sort of evolutionary, as opposed to revolutionary, steps could occur. We will not make any decision on the brand for at least a few months,” the spokes-man adds.

The company has a retained packaging design consultancy but refuses to name it.

Freelance consultant Clare Fry has worked with New Covent Garden Soup on the brand identity and graphics for its high street healthy fast food concept Soup.

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