Creative Action facelift for London watch store

Creative Action Design Consultants has designed a new flagship Face For Watches store in London’s Carnaby Street. It will open on 10 August. The retailer plans to roll out at least 20 more outlets over the next two years.

The original store in Covent Garden, also designed by the St Albans group, opened last year. The performance of the original store provided the impetus behind the decision to open a new shop.

Creative Action senior designer Michael Fern says: “Some of the basic design elements from the Covent Garden store have been retained but new colour combinations and variation in detailing have been used.”

Fern elaborates on the store concept: “It is intended that each Face outlet has a slightly different appearance from the next, and presents an exciting and modern approach to watch retailing.”

The watch company focuses on consumers aged 18-30 and displays stock upon bars within pods mounted on the walls, enabling customers to browse comfortably before seeking assistance.

Face for Watches spokesman Michael Paine says: “Creative Action has a great ability to come up with new and appealing designs. It found no difficulty in re-addressing our design concept to produce a subtly different but still recognisable Face for Watches store.”

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