More than 700 Lilliputian celebrities in minipops

More than 700 Lilliputian celebrities rub (tiny) shoulders and stand (small) face to (small) face in Minipops, published in October by Mitchell Beazley. The book brings together for the first time artist and designer Craig Robinson’s cult, pixellated versions of personalities such as Hugh Hefner, The Simpsons, Chewbacca and The Beatles. ‘It’s basically some pictures of famous people drawn small. It doesn’t sound too impressive, however, people seem to like it,’ Robinson muses. A directory at the back of the book provides guidance and explanations for each celebrity’s presence in this pop-culture who’s who. Berlin-based Robinson has worked for Colette in Paris, MTV Germany and Dazed and Confused. Minipops retails at £7.99.

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