Saab dresses windows at Selfridges

Saab has launched an in-store car dealership at Selfridges as part of its Iconic Scandinavia theme week.

Draft London, Saab’s integrated communications agency, devised and co-ordinated the temporary event, while the design of the in-store dealership, as well as its ‘Saab-style’ window displays, were created by the department store’s in-house creative team.

This is the first time customers have been able to buy a car from Selfridges and the first time that Saab has taken its product to the high street.

Draft account manager Louise Southern says, ‘It allows us to bring people to Saab who wouldn’t be comfortable going to a car dealership and makes people look at the car as a design entity.’

The car brand has taken over all window displays at Selfridges and filled them with images that evoke the iconic nature of the Saab marque. The dealership, which runs from window space at the front of the store, is part of a wider event sponsored by Saab that celebrates all things Scandinavian.

A window has been removed from the store in order to create a direct entrance into the temporary car showroom, and cars can be bought directly using a system of barcoded product labels.

A spokeswoman for Saab’s parent group Vauxhall, says: ‘We are looking at different ways of communicating our brand. It fits with the design ethos of Selfridges.’

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