Baigent Digital does its bit for Do Nation’s new identity

Baigent Digital has created the identity and website for environmental social enterprise start-up Do Nation.

Do Nation encourages people to donateGreen actions that will reduce their carbon footprint, rather than making financial contributions.

Baigent was appointed to the project in April after it was recommended to Do Nation founder Hermione Taylor. She says she chose Baigent because of its experience in the charitable sector.

Taylor initially briefed Baigent to develop ideas from her existing enterprise,, and create a prototype site to show to investors that could then be developed.

Taylor says, ’I wanted the site to be inspiring and positive. So many environmental campaigns are all doom and gloom or drum the theory too hard.’

Baigent creative director Steven Ramsay says, ’Hermione’s original site gave us a great base to start with as she already had the vision.’

Changing the social enterprise’s name to Do Nation, Baigent created an identity that shows an island featuring people taking part in the same environmentally friendly activities that visitors can pledge to do.

Users of the site, which will launch later this year, will be able to register their sponsored events and then invite sponsors, named ’doers’, to pledge to do a number of Green actions. Baigent has created icons to represent these actions.

Ramsay says, ’The identity has to communicate action and positive environmental change. It has to be soft, Green and friendly, but most of all fun.’

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