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Hooked is a great blog for lovers of street art, graffiti, photography and illustration. Last week’s Street Art Walking Tour around east London found loads of QR code stickers (giving access to Web pages from your mobile) next to graffiti, which link to the I Could Do That site – where the public is invited to comment on street art.
Michael Johnson’s thought for the week explains the rationale behind Virgin Atlantic’s new identity and livery, created by the team at Johnson Banks. Johnson looks back over the design process and comments on aspects of the work. See also Design Week’s news story on the identity (, 29 July).
Skype is a popular video conferencing site that helps people stay in contact. Typographic artist Oded Ezer, however, has found another way of using the tool, in Skype Type. He asks people to design a letter and take a picture of it with the Skype print screen function. He then creates a magazine spread and a poster using the letters.
Here is a thought-provoking read from The Independent newspaper, by The Partners’ chief executive Jim Prior. Prior discusses the economic downturn influencing businesses in Britain and the importance of recognising creativity as a tool that can help drive future success.

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