A type of hypocrisy in FontWorks’ agenda?

It is good to see that FontWorks et al are beginning to address the problems of typeface pirates (DW 29 November).

Perhaps while they are about it, they would also explain why they (and others) are distributing a typeface called Meta, which is a very thinly disguised version of Sedley Place’s PT typeface registered by us in Germany on 30 October 1995 (Musterregister fr typographische Schriftzeichen, Deutsche Patentamt, Schrift Sedley Place PT 55/75 – Nummer(n) 05641/07641).

If changing a few minor details to an existing typeface and relaunching it as your own is a way of avoiding legal responsibilities that FontWorks endorses, it is difficult to see what moral stance the group is taking.

This occurrence certainly sets a very clear precedent for any other designer or type supplier who wishes to use a typeface without paying for it.

Terence Griffin

On behalf of Sedley Place

London SW4

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