Snow business like no business at Le Shuttle

Regent Street’s famous Christmas lights would be made redundant overnight if the street was closed to human traffic. Thankfully, an unlikely scenario for those who create the display.

But it may set bells a-ringing with those at London consultancy Design by White, which worked through the frosty night to install Christmas displays at the Le Shuttle terminals in Folkstone and Calais, only to see both closed to the public after the infamous tunnel fire. “It was painful to have done all that work and realise that nobody could see it,” says Sarah Ritchie of Design by White.

The installation team was itself trapped in the tunnel for an hour on the way to Calais, while the blaze ahead was extinguished, but completed its work in case the tunnel could be reopened.

It couldn’t. And the 400 inflatable frosted snowflakes of various sizes and 3m-high fluorescent pink Christmas tree are now just waiting for an audience.

Still, at least the safety inspectors will be full of Christmas spirit.

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