Sushi takes on a robotic touch

A new sushi bar designed with a touch of Japanese teenage culture will open its London doors in January. Yo! Sushi is the brainchild of designer Simon Woodroffe.

4i has created “Yodentity!”, a photographic sushi identifying system, menu and a “culture log” which reveals facts about the sushi. The design group also worked on the colour logo, sushi plate design and takeaway packaging.

According to designer Graham Sturt, the aim is to bring an updated version of Japan to London, as well as exploding the myth of sushi being expensive – the average price of a meal is under 10.

A 60m-long conveyor belt will parade classic, vegetarian and gourmet sushi, made by people and what are claimed to be the world’s most advanced rice robots. There will also be a robotic drinks trolley, delivering beverages around the restaurant, which has a seating capacity of 100.

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