5 December 2002

Identity revamp for The National Gallery

The National Gallery is rolling out a revamped identity this week designed by BamberForsyth Fitch, as the London gallery moves to shore up its visitor base against increasing competition. Although visitor numbers are high, The National Gallery is aware that future attendance ‘may not be quite so buoyant’ as competitors also move to improve their […]

Corsie Naysmith rides with O’Neill

Surf and snow retailer O’Neill is introducing revamped store concepts to the UK, designed by Corsie Naysmith, little over a year after opening a flagship on London’s Carnaby Street. The interiors will be unveiled this weekend, 7 December, at a store in Newcastle. It is the first time Corsie Naysmith has worked with O’Neill, and […]

Spanish furniture manufacturer…

Spanish furniture manufacturer Figueras has teamed up with architect Antonio Bonamusa to produce a laptop-friendly seating system for the conference market. The Megaseat has been configured to accommodate cables, microphones and lecterns, with its F-45 desk providing access to Internet, fax and telephone. The ‘ergonomic’ design incorporates a fire barrier that prevents flames reaching the […]

London furniture showroom…

London furniture showroom B&B Italia has commissioned designers as wide-ranging as Wells Mackereth Architects, Graphic Thought Facility and 100% Design newcomer Junilda Ross, to design Christmas trees. The trees will form an exhibition at B&B Italia throughout December and will be auctioned off to raise money for homeless charity Shelter. GTF has designed an image […]

Written word alive and well, it’s just not in fashion

The written word is ‘the latest thing’, according to Robin Garms (Letters, DW 21 November). That’s good to hear, Garms as I’m a journalist and copywriter. However, coming from a director of a group going by the name of Tribal DDB London, your tip does invite caution. Your examples of verbal, or ‘real’ communication are […]

Italian product manufacturer…

Italian product manufacturer Guzzini is celebrating its 90th birthday tomorrow with the relaunch of its Vintage range of two-tone products which was first introduced in 1954. Vintage includes tableware such as bowls and cups in dual tones of black/white, yellow/white and red/white. The range was first developed by Giovanni Guzzini, the eldest brother of the […]

Athletic Streak

Innovation and function are both fundamental to Nike’s success. Mike Exon provides a rundown

Find a chief par excellence

Colum Lowe argues that the DBA’s chief executive vacancy is of limited appeal because the rewards, although potentially huge, could be outweighed by the pitfalls

Getty’s new images

Getty Images has commissioned more than 900 photographers to produce its latest project, Spirit. With more than 1200 images, the collection is billed as ‘encouraging viewers to assess their own concept of spirituality’.


Photographer Chris Simpson shows his view of cultural landscapes at Fallen Gods, Fired Earth from 6-20 December. Venue: The Galleries, 15 Dock Street, London E1.

Sector in need of toning

Design helped the fitness sector to thrive during its boom years, but as customer numbers wane Richard Clayton thinks it’s time for the sector to shape up

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