Corsie Naysmith rides with O’Neill

Surf and snow retailer O’Neill is introducing revamped store concepts to the UK, designed by Corsie Naysmith, little over a year after opening a flagship on London’s Carnaby Street.

The interiors will be unveiled this weekend, 7 December, at a store in Newcastle. It is the first time Corsie Naysmith has worked with O’Neill, and the first time the retailer has worked with a design group for store interiors. Existing UK stores were previously designed in-house and implemented by specialist shop fitters.

According to O’Neill retail manager Brigitte Schriks, the products in store will ‘speak louder’ with design ‘less dominant’.

Newcastle is the UK’s 10th O’Neill store. The remaining stores, including Carnaby Street which opened in the summer of 2001, may also be redesigned. ‘We’ll see how Newcastle works before we decide,’ says Schriks.

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