Hgv Design cooks up Holy Cow identity

London group HGV Design has created a new identity for organic dairy Holy Cow.

HGV was commissioned to the work by independent branding consultant Tim Watson, who was working with client Geoff Sayers, owner of organic dairy farm Carswell Farm, to reposition Sayers’ Holy Cow brand.

Watson says, ‘Geoff wanted someone to look at where Holy Cow fitted in the dairy market, which is dominated by a number of large brands.

‘From a design point of view it would have been very easy just to use a black-and-white picture of a cow in a field, but that would have made them just look like Anchor and everyone else.

‘What HGV did was perfect, it sums up the obsessive, eccentric nature of the brand.’

Holy Cow, which produces a range of handmade dairy products, already had a packaging design, but HGV creative director Pierre Vermeir says the consultancy wanted to ‘develop the brand proposition to reflect its premium nature’. He says the result is a logo that is ‘eccentric, but in an upmarket way’.

The new identity is being launched this month as a trade-pack label, and will be rolled out across packaging and retail formats over the next few years. Watson says he and Vermeir are working on another organic food project for Sayers.

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