Passing new resolutions

Okay, so less than a week into the new year you’ve already started smoking/drinking/scoffing chocs again and given up the fitness plan and macram classes. But they say it’s never too late to change, so we suggest resolutions a few in design could take for the greater good of the community.

Top of our list is Sir Terence Conran, who’d merit a second knighthood if he became involved in British Rail catering (BR itself might consider reverting to calling us passengers: service hasn’t been what it was since the BR “customer” was born).

Next comes Stefan Zachary, elected head of the Chartered Society of Designers. How about slinging out a few of those code-breaking offenders, Stef? Or was that last year’s promise?

Alexei Sayle? Well, how about resolving not to get involved in design again after that rip-roaring performance in the run up to the 1994 BBC Design Awards?

For John Sorrell? To become more of an acter and less of an actor, with the Design Council chief exec now in place.

And for all the young lions and lionesses of design – to keep on roaring until someone realises design has real teeth.

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