10 Gives Bundaberg a boost in youth market

Australian ginger beer brewer Bundaberg has appointed Huddersfield-based consultancy 10 to create the identity and packaging designs for a raft of new products, as it prepares to step up its presence in the UK.

In a bid to try to capture a younger market, the company is preparing to launch its debut energy ginger sports drink, Bundaberg B.

The beverage will retail in a can and is positioned to be in competition with Red Bull. The designs will aim to depict a contemporary look, while drawing on the heritage of the company, says Jill Peel, creative director at 10.

In addition to this, 10 has also been commissioned to redesign Bundaberg’s core premium ginger beer drink, Bundaberg.

It is tasked with revising the product’s glass bottle shape, packaging and visual identity.

The consultancy is also working up designs for a new range of five ginger beer fruit-flavoured drinks.

The Bundaberg products are scheduled to launch in the UK next year and could possibly roll out to the rest of Europe at a later stage.

The work follows a recent five-figure project for Bundaberg, whereby 10 created the packaging and promotional literature for a range of ginger beer-based cordials (pictured), which launched in Australia last month.

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