Cambridge brief comes back to haunt Gradwell recently emailed me an article. BBI360 managing director Simon Barbato says, ‘The key to creating the brand positioning was to understand the intrinsic attributes of Cambridge. Our theme for Grand Arcade was rooted in Cambridge’s academic history and this enabled us to provide a branding platform for both consumer and business communications.”

In 1994 I was at the Building Design Partnership. We created a brand for the Grafton Centre Cambridge based upon the same brief, word for word. It’s a shame the group’s first project couldn’t have been more inspirational than something my team created ten years ago!

Geoff Gradwell FCSD, Director, Gradwell Corporate Design, Preston PR2 1ZS

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  • Lance Golding November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am

    This arrogance is one of the reason’s they got rid of you at BDP.

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