A well-known digital media designer is launching the new year with his own brand of sizzling Indian sausages. What extra-curricular activities would you like to do, to kick-start 2006?

When we decided to call our company Taxi Studio, we didn’t bank on the plethora of phone calls we would get from people asking for a taxi. So, for 2006 I’d like to start saying ‘Yes luv, I’ll be there in 15’ and mean it. Maybe we could do some delivering for the sausage chap?

Spencer Buck, Creative director, Taxi Studio (pictured right)

When the pressure is on and clients want everything yesterday, I often think about being a van driver or market vendor. What could go wrong? Do van drivers and fruit vendors have to deal with printers? Crushed Fruit ‘n’ Veg Ltd has a good ring to it. Or maybe a juice bar. But who shall we get to design the identity?

Carl Rush, Founder, Crush Design and Art Direction

I need to exercise and relax more, but time is a problem. Perhaps I should take up exercise book-binding – full of grand gestures and reading between lines. Or portrait gardening – no broad landscapes, just a simple, narrow field of vision. Now I’m relaxed.

Keren House, Creative director, AricotVert I think it is about time I got back to my totally tacky, northern club-land roots. So, with that in mind, I would like to write this year’s Song for Europe, to kick-start my year, then, come late May, stretch the vocal chords and do Queen and country proud by performing it too.

Carol Whitworth, Creative director, Home

How about home-made colonic irrigation kits for a new year clean-up? A bit too messy. Hand-picked, organic detox remedies? Labour intensive in the extreme. Tinsel recycling? Maybe. But I’d really love to produce an agency-filtering colander for clients, so

they can sift out the best briefs for us.

Martin Carr, Managing director, True North

I see clients make fortunes from often obvious ideas and should really feel drawn to their clearer route to success. But, having spent years experiencing a painstakingly slow burn of satisfaction, I really fancy starting a band. I crave the instant connection and gratification.

Ian Thompson, Creative director, Thompson (pictured left)

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