A valuable source of inspiration soon to be homeless

The Museum of Advertising and Packaging in Gloucester is due to close in October this year after 17 years.

This houses Robert Opie’s wonderful collection of packaging and advertising ephem-era for consumer products – spanning the past 150 years. This unique collection, claimed to be the largest of its type in the world, charts the introduction and progress of thousands of products and brands.

It provides a unique insight into the British way of life and the history and development of our consumer society. It’s a wealth of material that provides a rich source of inspiration and reference for any designer working on consumer brands. It’s a crying shame that no other museum has considered embracing this unique collection.

I would urge everyone in the design industry to lobby their clients, partners and suppliers to try and find financial backing, or even a new home, for this wonderful collection.

The museum is a tribute to the vigour and inventiveness of British manufacturing industry and our collective creative and marketing skills.

Anyone interested should contact the museum via www.robertopiecollection.com or write to Robert Opie, c/o The Museum of Advertising and Packaging, The Albert Warehouse, Gloucester Docks, Gloucester GL1 2EH.

Bill Wallsgrove

Creative director


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