C21 outlines Eco Schools drive

The Tidy Britain Group is targeting schools with a campaign to get children excited about environmental issues and clean up their schools, featuring promotional material by C21.

The initiative, which breaks in the autumn, features a seven-step process for schools to deal with the environmental management of their sites more effectively.

It will tackle themes, such as healthy lifestyles, safer school transport, waste minimisation and reducing energy and water use in school.

To illustrate these issues, C21 has introduced graphic illustrations of common objects from plugs to trainers and apple cores, says creative director Franco Bonadio. “These communicate that the environment is an everyday issue,” he adds.

Eco Schools manager Sue Rigby says, “Eco Schools is there to inform and inspire children to become more environmentally responsible. There can be real financial benefits for the schools as a result, too.”

C21 specialises in design in environmental fields. It is working on phase two of the website, www.eco-schools. org, which will include interactive games.

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