Incontinent angel adds sparkle to Team party

The Team’s recent party to celebrate its move to swish new offices in Southwark was an odd affair, not least because of the angel in a nappy.

The bash was in what is claimed to be the world’s first robotic bar and restaurant, Cynthia’s. Then in walked the angels – a female in high silver platform boots and little wings and the chap in full length wings and, er, a nappy. No one seemed to know why. Team director Viv Wilcox made hesitant comments about, um, the party’s theme being ‘sparkle’ and that, er, the angels were meant to be sparkly (they weren’t, but shortly after they reappeared covered in glitter).

Everyone we asked blamed the idea on Wilcox. Poor man didn’t even have the excuse of being drunk – his bad throat prevented him from boozing.

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