WFCA spices up Tabasco sauce

WFCA has updated the packaging for spicy sauce Tabasco, which hits the shops in early July, to re-emphasise its quirky character and encourage wider usage.

The product is not just used to spice up Bloody Marys anymore, says WFCA design director David Wilson. Its usage has grown to include food, such as pizza and pasta, which is reflected in the packaging.

Three sides of the bottle’s box now display recipe ideas featuring Tabasco, such as spaghetti bolognese together with the strapline, “Shake on a little excitement”. Tabasco has introduced an “eccentric, child-like” font created by freelance illustrator Peter Kavanagh specifically for Tabasco.

The front of the box remains unchanged at the client’s request, according to Wilson, and retains the original packaging design.

Wilson adds, “Tabas-co is not a brand that needs a lot of tampering with, but we felt its packaging needed to closer reflect its unconventional style. The cardboard container was looking a touch out of date.”

The redesign follows a stylised press campaign to encourage wider usage of the product, also created by WFCA. Tabasco brand manager Sarah Middleton says, “[The rebrand] is to demonstrate the everyday meals that Tabasco can so easily be added to for extra excitement.”

Tabasco is an existing client for WFCA and the consultancy was originally appointed two years ago.

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