Designing luxury retail for men

How do you do luxury for young males, without alienating them? John Stones takes the measure of a tricky – but up and coming – part of the retail marketCredit crunch or not, luxury seems here to stay. And while the world chooses to turn a blind eye to hedge fund managers and energy oligarchs’ […]

A taste of Design Show Liverpool

While the jury remains out over whether Liverpool truly deserves its Capital of Culture crown, Dominic Lutyens finds the Design Show is banging the drum for a contemporary design scene that is gathering momentumAmid all the recent brouhaha surrounding Liverpool’s anointment as this year’s European Capital of Culture, some have murmured the title is a […]

Eva Jiricna’s V&A jewellery gallery

The sheer quantity of diamonds in this room is enough to make anyone woozy. The sponsors, William and Judith Bollinger of the champagne dynasty, are most likely used to having that effect on people, but you’ve got to feel for everyone else involved in the

Taking brands totalitarian

In terms of graphics and brand identity, the 20th century’s totalitarian states are some of the best. A new book by Steven Heller analyses how they did it, while Quentin Newark says dictator iconography would be laughable if it weren’t rooted in miseryOne of the visual treats of the past few years was the discovery […]

News in Pictures

Graphic designer Paul Skerm has designed a book for fine art photographer Anderson & Low. The project features international circus performers and is set to be published on 17 July.


Restroom, smallest room, ladies, gents. If the language of lavatories skirts the issue, then so too does the design. Few loos get the treatment lavished on top-line interiors, while public loos fall further behind in design investment. BAA, then, can rightly be proud of its far from bog standard loos, or ‘new concept in passengers’ […]

Taking a wider perspective

Who are we and what do we believe in? How can our group make the world a better place? Nicolas De Santis tackles some truly big questionsIn the movie A Good Year, ruthless investment banker Max Skinner begins to question his values upon inheriting his uncle’s château and vineyard. Intent on selling the property, he […]


For the New York-based lighting artist Leni Schwendinger, working with local people is an integral part of the design process. Clare Dowdy asks her about the concept of ‘community outreach design’It may not be the most lucrative, the most straightforward or the highest profile, but Leni Schwendinger has been ploughing an increasingly rewarding furrow for […]

Designers must take responsibility for Greenwash

It is great that Design Week is bringing the Greenwash phenomenon to light (News in Depth, DW 24 April). I totally agree with Social Environmental Enterprise and Design Foundation co-director Clare Brass that designers need to take responsibility for Greenwash. I raised a related discussion on my blog, Crossed Wires, at Futerra Sustainability Communications […]

Why Britain needs to reassert itself as a creative hub

Further to your Voxpop asking what would you like to see prioritised for design by MPs (DW 29 May), would you agree that Britain, once a beacon of creativity and imagination, now needs to reassert itself as the pre-eminent hub for creativity? Some of the world’s greatest designers, writers, artists, musicians and inventors originated from […]

The boating fraternity takes a narrow view

I agree with Hugh Pearman’s view about the boating industry being stuck in the past (DW 15 May). There are those who commission very individual boats, but such a step carries huge risks. Function is paramount. Canals are rough places for a boat and they must be extremely strong and fit in the 20m x […]


Recent reports suggest that Birds Eye, in conjunction with Waste & Resources Action Programme, is to target consumers worried about food waste by promoting the benefits of frozen food. What’s the most opportune brand strategy/repositioning you’ve come acr

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