Twelve Stars’ Euro vision must be stopped

I was interested in the approach taken by Twelve Stars to define and promote the idea of Europe for Europeans (DW 20 February), but I shudder at the prospect of being part of its vision.

For Europe is not just populated by Europeans. There are thousands of ethnic groups living within our continent. This whole notion of “them” and “us”, “good” versus “evil”, conjures up a certain dark era in Europe’s recent past.

Fascism is an ugly and D Visive force, which needs to be stamped out, not encouraged. I for one have no D Sire to be part of a European “super race”.

Finally, if a cartoon strip is the way forward, I think Twelve Stars should consider using Matthew Valentine’s “original” offerings (shown above) on the back page of that same issue of Design Week as a source of inspiration!

Jonathan Ford

Creative partner


London W11

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