442 Design creates interiors for Guilty

Edinburgh consultancy 442 Design has created the interiors of women’s fashion store Guilty, which opens in the city’s Drumsheugh Place next week. The interiors of thee store offer a ‘rich and decadent’ colour palette, featuring charcoal wall coverings, strong lighting and chandeliers. The consultancy also designed the retailer’s identity and in-store graphics.

In the round

John Stones previews an exhibition of past and present work by creative publisher Circle Press

Ardill looks for a new experience

Ralph Ardill, former marketing and strategic planning director at Imagination, is to launch a London-based ‘experiential consulting venture’ this summer, following his departure from the company at the end of last week. Ardill worked at Imagination for a decade, developing the group’s brand experience offer in the mid-1990s, working on key accounts, including Coca-Cola, London […]

Tetsuo takes on Kurosawa

Artist and former lawyer Keisuke Kishi may be the quintessential face of the modern East, but judging by his work, he lives in a world that spans centuries. Looking back 2000 years, his work calls to mind the massed ranks of the Terracotta Army of China’s Qin Dynasty, and going forward, it depicts an imaginary […]

Break from the norm

There they were: the complete picture of misery. Saturday morning in Milan, and an aspiring English architect type (shaved head, wire-framed specs, black fatigues) is marching his bedraggled wife and two kids, one in a pushchair, through a downpour on an enforced tour of the design showrooms along the Via Montenapoleone. Clearly, to judge from […]

Graphics project for Battersea Dogs Home

Studio McLoughlin has completed a graphics project for Battersea Dogs Home that will be used as a poster design and direct mail campaign. The photography is by Los Angeles-based Deborah Samuel.

Spinning in virtuous circles

Jeremy Sice reveals his all-encompassing strategy for running a design consultancy: make long term goals and try not to stretch yourself too thin.

Light fingers

John Stones takes in the bright lights of Euroluce and garners the differing views of two designers on what was going on at the fair

When another company swallows you up

Your piece on identity crises (DW 21 April) was extremely misleading. The new brand we created with Abbey was working well: research showed it had the best stand-out in the high street of any bank.

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