Hetherington’s bravery was something else

Tim Hetherington

My short note (in the Editor’s blog, www.designweek.co.uk, 21 April) doesn’t do Tim Hetherington’s life justice.

Tim [a war photographer who was killed in Misrata, Libya last month, aged 40] used his craft to show the rest of the world people suffering in conflict.

When we parted company after the New York Art Directors Club last year, most of us were going back to our fancy studios and frothy coffee. Not Tim, he was off to another war zone.

I can understand why he did it he cared so deeply but I don’t know how he did it. How did he get to be so brave?

He will live on through his pictures and film, in the knowledge that he was a creative who actually made a difference. A big guy, with a big heart. My thoughts go out to his family.

Garrick Hamm, Creative director, Williams Murray Hamm, by e-mail

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