Which festival are you most looking forward to this year and why?

Having recently become a father for the first time, most festivals couldn’t be further off my radar. I will of course revel in watching the happy-clapping wannabe hippies at Glastonbury flail around in the usual 15cmof mud, but a spot of apple-bobbing at the local village fête is more likely these days than bobbing up and down in the crowd during a Foo Fighters set. Who says parenthood isn’t rock ’n’ roll?
Phil Curl, Founder and creative partner, D Studio

I’m looking forward to revisiting Big Chill, following my maiden voyage last year. It will be interesting to see where Festival Republic has taken the brand, line-up and on-site sponsorship this time around and to see how much it affects the soul of this event.
Dan Moore, Creative director, Studio Output

Last year we went on an consultancy excursion to Standon Calling, which turned into the silliest weekend of the year by a mile. Great atmosphere, Aspall on tap, two cracked teeth in the moshpit, Étienne de Crécy on the main stage, and the whole event unofficially sponsored by Tesco (Google ’Standon Calling Tesco’ for the story). We’re very much looking forward to our return visit in August gumshields at the ready this time.
Mark Ellis, Director, Creative Cherry

As I live as far south west as you can in the UK, it has to be Penzance’s Golowan Festival. This week-long festival combines art, storytelling and our version of the Rio Carnival Mazey Day when more than 50 000 people, locals and holidaymakers alike, throng on to the streets of Penzance to watch the unique and colourful processions. This year the theme appropriately is ’Pirates and The Deep Blue Sea’, so come along as a pirate and see for yourself on 25 June.
Martin Nixon, Managing director, Nixon Design

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