Client education is key to ending free pitching

It is great to see some of the more well known in the industry take action about pitching fees. Congratulations, they have the full support of everyone in our studio, where we have recently taken the decision to stop free pitching. We will shortly be circulating a paper to our clients and potential clients explaining the mutual benefits of paid pitching and the problems of free pitching. Client education is a critical part of the solution.

I can’t see the difficulty in this action encompassing the entire industry rather than just one area (brand identity). You say this broader view has hampered progress and that pitching practice differs from one discipline to the next (Comment, DW 30 October); clearly these practices need to go and the whole industry needs to start co-operating.

I fail to understand why industry bodies are not leading the way in this action. Surely they must be embarrassed to merely be onlookers. Where’s the leadership?

And, judging from the two letters on design copyright (DW 30 October), industry leaders have, once again, failed to provide support. What is best practice on providing digital files to clients? Why is there not an industry code of practice on all this stuff?

Graham Mitchell

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