Elmwood on board, when the boat comes in

Board meetings are prone to making those attending just that – bored. To avoid this Elmwood took to the waves for its latest such meeting, or ‘direction day’ as the group terms it.

The Leeds crew shivered its timbers on a Grimsby trawler, spending all day in the hull where the fish used to be kept.

However, the lunch, specially prepared by the trawler’s captain, more than made up for any discomfort. Like proper sea dogs, they all managed to keep the meal down, although that might not have been the case if the boat had left the harbour.

Inspired by the success of the trip, Elmwood’s Jonathan Sands has already come up with the next ‘direction day’ venue – a lighthouse. And, come the summer, the team may be spotted discussing their future half way up a mountain.

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