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Lunn Poly is undergoing an integrated rebranding of its ‘clicks and mortar’ operations through Leicester design consultancy Checkland Kindleysides. The first stage, a number of new concept retail stores, is now being prototyped and work is beginning in conjunction with an in-house team to bring this branding to a redeveloped website for use in the travel shops as well as via the Internet. All are supported by the ‘Call, Click, Come In’ brand advertising.

It’s very important to be consistent. Our vision going forward is integrated channels so customers can do some of their transactions on-site and then go into a shop,’ says Paul Kendrick, director of new media at Lunn Poly.

He anticipates the site will have full booking facilities sometime next year, plus information such as independently written travel articles.

‘It needs to be clear, easy to read and fast to download. The Lunn Poly brand will be very much to the fore,’ he says. ‘Getting rich content into the system is where, as a travel agent, we can start to add value.’

There will also be considerable change in the appearance of the chain’s retail outlets. Checkland Kindleysides has developed a new brand language across all customer interfaces, from the way the call centre staff answer the phone to the appearance of the new range of store concepts, according to Checkland Kindleysides’ marketing director Adam Devey Smith.

At the new 790m2 travel superstore at Fosse Park, Leicester, the designers aimed to use sensory and technological features to ‘inject holiday magic’ into the retail shed, including holiday sounds and smells, a reception styled as a beach and Internet and intranet café.

These are applied on a smaller scale at the 42m2 high street store prototype in Wakefield to create a more welcoming, relaxed and up-to-date image. The City Concept store, to be launched next month in Nottingham, is aimed at time-poor, Web-friendly clients with an Internet café area and foreign exchange facilities. The Guildford prototype is a larger travel shop aimed at a more sophisticated, well-travelled customer outside the traditional Lunn Poly target audience.

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‘It’s like a set of ingredients, but we’re mixing them differently,’ says Devey Smith.

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