Grundy-Northedge partnership splits after 25 rich years

Next week sees the dissolution of a very special British design institution. After 25 years, Grundy and Northedge are going their separate ways. From the striking corporate literature for Shell to the beautifully detailed diagrams for Sainsbury’s distribution chain, I have been entertained and informed by the wit and craft of these two unlikely bedfellows.

Peter Grundy is the extrovert and takes centre stage while Tilly Northedge, precise and considered, is content to be in the background. Or perhaps it is a status quo formed from years of interaction, for it was not always so. After a Grundy-dominated meeting in the infancy of the partnership, Northedge asked, ‘Next time, can I say something?’.

Perhaps these differences, more than their similarities, have contributed most to their impressive work. Their approach and style remain distinct – even in this age of digital anonymity, it is surprising and gratifying to see the individuality of each shine through. Proof that humanity transcends technology.

Philip Wong, Managing director, Carter Wong Tomlin, London W2

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