I’ve just been flicking through some of our old copies of Design Week to find out what inspires previous contributors.

As you might expect, it turns out we design types are very similar. We’re sponges, soaking up everything and anything. I’m exactly the same. It all goes in. It could be anything from walking a different way to work, to rummaging through an ephemera-stuffed plan chest, going to a fantastic gig or escaping ‘the bubble’ and talking to people who don’t produce design for a living.

So here’s my contribution to the back catalogue collection: I’m inspired by limitation. I’m excited by constraints. A really stingy budget, a terrifying looming deadline or a vice-like brief; they all challenge me to distill that ever-expanding mental library of soaked-up inspiration, to filter it all down to a solution with meaning and impact.

For example, take writing this short piece. So much to say, so many ways in which to say it. But, a very strict word count forces me to stop.

Matt Baxter – 300million

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