Groups brighten insurance brand

Insurance group Royal London has this week unveiled Bright Grey as the brand name for its standalone ‘new protection business’. The marque has been created by Navy Blue, while Zalpha – in concert with the client – is responsible for the naming (DW 27 June).

Royal London believes the brand will signal ‘honesty and clarity’ and a ‘customer-first philosophy’ in a market it acknowledges consumers find ‘grey, dull and boring’.

‘There’s no point trying to pretend [insurance] is something that it’s not,’ says a Bright Grey spokeswoman. ‘Consumers found the honesty of the name appealing.’

Half the UK’s adult population don’t have life insurance cover and fewer still have income or critical illness protection, so there is a significant opportunity to market intelligible and jargon-free products, the company asserts.

Bright Grey is due to begin operations in early 2003. Navy Blue is now working on its brochures, website and brand guidelines.

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