Sorrell sounds dippy with his recession analogy

Bollocks. Not what you want to imagine when you’re tucking into your muesli or sipping your breakfast lemon-and-hot-water. But that’s the title of the first piece to be exhibited at Her House – graphic designer Morag Myerscough’s new gallery, located (intimately enough) in her own kitchen.

A minimalist coffee table, screenprinted with the word and designed by Luke Morgan, is currently on show and can also be seen at Designers Block later this month. Myerscough’s aim is to work with emerging artists and designers to develop products for sale.

We can imagine the strapline now – Her House in Clerkenwell, the space where creativity really hangs out.

The joy of economics is that it’s precise, scientific and immune to bullshit. Right? WPP head Sir Martin Sorrell has refined his description of the media recession. ‘It is a corrugated bath and we are at the bottom of one of the dips,’ he explains.

Oh well, one out of three ain’t so bad.

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