6-12 April 2015

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How much should you earn?

Are you overpaid, underpaid or right on the money? Find out how much you should be earning with the Design Week Salary Calculator.


What makes for a happy designer?

Who are the happiest designers in the country? Where do they work and what are their specialisms? Find out with the 2015 Design Week Salary Survey.


RCA backs design-led solutions to global agricultural problems

The Royal College of Art’s education and research programme SustainRCA is looking at how design-led problem solving can address systemic problems in agriculture.  We caught up with Sustain Talks curator Gina Lovett who has organised upcoming event Designing Regenerative Agriculture. Here she tells us how designers are finding ways to reduce waste, redistribute income, prevent environmental damage and improve animal welfare standards. 

Britain gets first new pylon designs for 85 years

New T-pylon designs by Danish architect Bystrup are being tested by National Grid. The designs are intended to create “sweeping curves” of electricity lines rather than the sharp turns that characterise current pylon designs.

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