Design Bridge sweetens up Tate & Lyle sugar range


Design Bridge has overhauled Tate & Lyle’s sugar ranges with the aim of making them easier for shoppers to understand and creating a stronger sense of personality.


Design Bridge has rebranded Tate and Lyle’s sugar range in a bid to help customers better understand the different types of sugars available and their uses.

The consultancy was also tasked with helping to clearly define the brand’s personality – a challenge which it has tried to meet by looking at the heritage of Tate & Lyle.

Design Bridge senior brand strategist Andy Kirk says: “Many people find the sugar aisle in the supermarket confusing and often default to using granulated sugar for everything – from sweetening their tea to baking cakes.

“Simple and engaging with more personality”

“Part of our job was to create a simple and engaging design to help people understand Tate & Lyle’s different sugar-types and their functions, while also injecting more personality into the brand.”

The sugar ranges comprise: the core 1kg bags of Granulated, Caster, Jam and Preserving sugars; 500g boxes of Icing sugar, Royal Icing sugar, and Fondant Icing sugars; and beverage sugars including White Sugar Cubes, Demerara Sugar Sticks and Amber Sugar Crystals.

Across the ranges a new tone of voice has been established through on-pack copywriting and illustration, which the consultancy says helps differentiate individual products and strengthens the identity.

Quirky on-pack illustrations have been used

“Visually, we divided the range up using a series of quirky on-pack illustrations to communicate the usage of the different sugars while also revealing a playful, warm and witty personality.

“For example a fabric-covered jam jar for Preserving Sugar, a porcelain tea-cup and saucer for Granulated Sugar, and a mixing bowl with a stray dollop of cake-mix on the worktop for Caster Baking Sugar,” says Design Bridge creative director Mike Stride.

Design Bridge says the on-pack descriptors reinforce what the product is with “charm”. Amber Sugar Crystals are accompanied by the sentence, “Sweeten it – for a perfect coffee,” and Royal Icing Sugar has the description “Ice it – for the fancy flourish.”

Inspiration from vintage iconography

Inspiration has been drawn from vintage iconography such as signage and old Tate & Lyle delivery trucks.

To denote the baking sugars a gingham pattern table-cloth background has been used to help give a homemade feel. On the same packs the font imitates the look of hand-written labels.

Stride says that in the wake of TV shows like Great British Bake Off, home baking has been on the rise and the new look taps in to the “national love” of baking in a “quirky, vibrant and unpretentious way.”

On-pack texture provides a “perfect imperfection”

To this end the idea of “perfect imperfections” in baking has been referenced by making the packs textured.

In homage to Tate & Lyle’s Royal warrant the logo has been given a consistent Royal Blue background and flourishes of gold and silver have been introduced to the core sugar range.




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