Prince Charles calls for design to promote UK

Prince Charles called for the British to capitalise on their design excellence to promote the UK abroad at last week’s conference on Britain in the World.

Speaking at the conference, organised by the Royal Institute of International Affairs in conjunction with the Government, the Prince said: “We have a huge asset in the fact that we are one of the most inventive nations on Earth, but I would suggest that we fail to capitalise on our excellence in this field. The same could be said in regard to the worldwide reputation Britain has in the field of design. Could we not capitalise on this by promoting Britain more effectively overseas?”

The view was backed up by Jean Muir, Master of the Faculty of Royal Designers for Industry, who told a plenary session that British designers worked on a broad range of commissions worldwide and earned a lot for the British economy.

During a session on projecting British values, education and culture Brian Lymbery, director of the Chartered Society of Designers, commented that the achievements of UK designers are often more widely recognised overseas than at home. British designers with clients abroad would benefit from more enlightened clients in the UK, including the Government and the public sector, he added.

Other speakers included Henry Kissinger, John Major, Douglas Hurd and Sir David Puttnam.

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