Dodoni scoops Allen’s services

Dodoni Ice Cream parlours in Athens has enlisted the help of London-based consultancy Allen International to design an interior for its successful 104-strong chain. With 50 varieties of ice cream, Dodoni is Greece’s number one scoop, enjoying 92 per cent awareness.

Allen was selected by Fortune Advertising to create a more dynamic, retail-friendly atmosphere, appeal to a younger audience and strengthen Dodoni’s market position.

The fresh design aims to entice over-heated patrons to come in and cool off, manifested in the use of materials and colour. Hard surfaces appear in two contrasting colours – blue and brown – which represent fresh and warm elements, drawing in customers and then persuading them to stay longer. Marble flooring is intended to echo the decadence of the ice cream.

Allen designed the seating with different clientele in mind. Drop-ins looking for a reviving ice cream are attracted to the short stay area with bar stools and cafe-type seating, and people staying longer are encouraged to sit in the brown-hued ‘soft seats’ at the rear.

‘This project has allowed us to explore unconventional creative routes for a relatively traditional sector,’ says Allen creative director Aubery Ghose. ‘The new design will, I’m sure, have measurable results on Dodoni’s profile in Greece.’

Six new sites are scheduled to open before the end of April.

Client: Dodoni Ice CreamDesign: Allen International

Team leader: Mark Howman

Senior designers: Camilla Frankis, Mark Hill

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