New hotel concept earmarked for Notting Hill

Designer Giles Baker has teamed up with former K Bar co-owner Benjamin Fry and Green Street creator Orlando Campbell to develop a “new hotel experience” which Baker says will “turn the traditional bed and breakfast on its head”. It is due to open at the end of June.

The 20-room Westbourne Hotel in London’s Notting Hill will combine mid-century modern and Japanese styles, with design inspired by Frank Lloyd-Wright, Mies Van der Rohe and the late- 1960s inside/ outside movement.

Design consultancy CA1 will also be involved, creating a range of bespoke furniture. Each bedroom will have multimedia technology and Internet access. Guests will be able to shop on-line.

The hotel will house a lounge bar and restaurant for residents and guests, while a glass-sided chashitsu (tea room) extends into an Oriental moss garden to provide a venue for private screenings, parties and general relaxation.

The creators hope to use the Westbourne as a blueprint for an as yet unnamed future brand of hotels.

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