Software Spectrum to launch Fusion initiative

Business-to-business software group Software Spectrum is launching an initiative to sign up UK Web designers, called Fusion.

The objective is to enable designers to help produce second generation e-business websites in conjunction with its back-end expertise.

Funds and technical support will be made available by Spectrum Software, including access to IBM’s Internet Incubator Fund for new Web initiatives.

“There are many creative new media designers who are capable of producing visually exciting websites. But these on their own are not enough to satisfy the demand for integrated e-business solutions,” says Software Spectrum general manager for UK professional services, Roger Willison-Gray.

“The advent of global e-commerce has meant that sites must not only look attractive, but have sophisticated software engines behind them, such as fulfilment systems, which ensure that products and services ordered on the site are delivered to the customer’s front door,” he adds.

The Fusion initiative will be fully unveiled on 19 April at Home House in London.

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