The truth is it’s an employers’ market

In reply to Martyn Feather’s letter (DW 28 January), obviously he missed the revolution of the last decade while he was busily climbing his own career ladder. I left school, aged 16, at a time when apprenticeships were practically non-existent and further education was considered a necessity.

Five years and an HND later, I discovered that new modern apprenticeships and VIP schemes could give 16- to 18-year-olds openings into printing and design which I only dream about. I am considered too old and over-qualified for the few basic jobs that now exist, while they get work experience and intense training in new technology, which my course lacked, not to mention qualifications on day release.

I would have worked unsalaried to gain that first rung that he mentioned. Now three years on and many rejection letters later, I still try to enter a career where the Mac is king and experience a necessity.

You “get real”, Mr Feather – it is an employers’ market out there and there are too many of us chasing too few starter vacancies.

Damon Suttle


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